Thursday, 24 August 2017

Reader Interview: Find Out What Lorie Thinks of My Writing! | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

First, I’d like to thank Lorie for taking the time to take my reader interview. I’m always grateful for feedback and I love getting to talk with my readers. If you’d like to take the interview, you’ll find the form here. All I ask is that you’ve at least read one of my books. I mean you can’t tell me what you’ve thought of my writing if you’ve never read anything I wrote. But, you can always download my book, Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6) free.
Okay, let’s find out what Lorie had to say…

Which of my books is your favorite?
Shadow Stalker Serials
What did you like most about that book?
The way it combined tech with indigenous tribal living.
What did you like least about that book?
Nothing really comes to mind. I really enjoyed this.
What do you like most about writing style?
It’s realistic, giving the characters individuality and fullness. It’s very imaginative, taking you on a fast paced trip through different cultures.
Who was your favorite character?
I liked them all because they carried me away collectively.
Would you read more of my work?
I enjoy finding “little gem” authors. Once I do, I keep following their work.

Thanks again, Lorie! I really appreciate it. 😀

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