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#SaturdayShorts - Stowaway: A #Fantasy #ShortStory by Renee Scattergood | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

Continued from Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures…

Tiyana waited until the coast was clear. There weren’t many people around the dock, but a few people seemed to be finishing up last minute work before heading home for the night. One ship caught her attention. It wasn’t the biggest, but it seemed to be less rundown than the others. She hoped a better-quality ship held better-quality sailors.
A lone man stood at the top of the gangplank. Likely he was the watchman to protect the ship from stowaways and thieves. She scanned the area, looking for the best way to get on board without being spotted.
When the watchman wasn’t looking, Tiyana ran toward the ship, then quickly hid behind a small nearby crate. She waited a moment, listening. After a moment, she peeked around the side of the crate. The watchman continued his pacing. She let out a breath and considered her next move.
She waited until he turned then ran the rest of the way toward a wider gangplank that connected with a lower deck. Then quickly hid beneath it. This must be the one they used to load and unload cargo. It might be her best option.
When she heard no alarm sounded, she breathed a sigh of relief, then peaked from under the gangplank. She could only see the top of the watchman’s head from where she hid. When he marched in the opposite direction, he disappeared altogether.
She used that moment to make her way up the gangplank. She had to keep herself from running to keep from making any noise that would alert the watchman to an intruder. When she got to the top of the gangplank, she found the door locked.
Of course, it would be locked. Tiyana didn’t know why she thought it wouldn’t be. She huffed as she sat and surveyed the area to find another way onto the ship. At the bottom of the gangplank were several crates that she could only assume were awaiting loading onto the ship. If she could get herself into one of the crates, she’d be loaded onto the ship with the cargo.
As she slowly made her way back down the gangplank, she glanced up towards the watchman every few seconds to make sure she wouldn’t be spotted. When she saw the top of his head, she stopped moving, hoping he wouldn’t sense movement and spot her. When he disappeared again, she continued down the gangplank.
Finally, she reached the bottom and hid under the gangplank while she worked out her next move. All the crates seemed tightly sealed, but a few of them had buckle-like clasps instead of being nailed shut. Maybe she’d be able to get herself into one of those.
The moment the watchman was gone from view again, she headed towards the largest one. As soon as she got there, she hid again, checking to see if the coast was clear. She was in full view of the watchman again, but as long as she only worked while he headed away from her, she would be okay.
Tiyana slowly unlatched the lid and lifted it slightly to see inside. It was loaded with various citrus fruit. Her body would take up at least half of the space in the crate, so she’d have to remove some of it before she could slip inside.
Whenever the watchman faced the other direction, she took some of the fruit and rolled it towards the edge of the dock. Thankfully, the wind and other sounds were enough to drown out the soft splashes the fruit made when it hit the water. The moment he turned, she hid and waited.
The process was going slower than she anticipated. The sky was beginning to glow with first light. The sailors and deckhands would be arriving soon to begin their work. The crate wasn’t quite half empty, but it would have to do. She was running out of time.
She got into the crate and worked her way under the fruit. Since she couldn’t refasten the latches from inside the crate, she knew it might draw suspicion.
“This one is open,” a man called out.
He opened the crate. Light peeked through the fruit. Tiyana held her breath.
“It’s all here,” he said.
“Well let’s just get it on board. We’re running late.”
The men jostled the crate as they hefted it into the air. Tiyana let out the breath she’d been holding, relieved that her plan had worked. She would have to wait until nightfall to get out of the crate, but she was so exhausted, she fell asleep and didn’t wake again until someone opened the crate.
“How many lemons do you need?” a man called out.
“Just grab three or four,” another said.
When he got the fruit he needed, he dropped the lid but didn’t bother locking the latches. That worked out in her favor when the men settled for the night. She wasn’t sure how she’d get out of it if it were locked. She slipped out of the crate once she was sure no one would return.
She was in the ship’s galley, which was lucky for her. She hadn’t eaten in nearly two days and she was starved. After going through the stores, she found bread, cheese and more fruit to eat. After eating her fill, she found a new hiding place. She had to make sure she stayed hidden until they reached the next port.
Each night she would sneak out again for food, then hide again. She hadn’t counted on them noticing the missing food though.
“From this day forward, the night patrols will be doubled, and no one is permitted to go around the ship alone,” she heard a muffled voice say.
That night, Tiyana was extra careful when she went to the galley for food. She kept an ear out for the patrols, but she heard no one. She also decided it would be best if she ate less. Maybe they’d relax if they felt the thief had been stopped.
She took a bit of dried meat and a small piece of bread, then turned to go back to her hiding spot.
“Well, well, what do we have here?” said one of the men, blocking her way.
“Save it for the captain,” his gaze drifted up and down her body as he spoke, “dearie.”
He grabbed her arm and pulled her along the corridor. They went deeper into the ship where he locked her in a cage.
“Get some sleep, dearie. You’ll want to be your best for the captain,” he said as he slammed the cell door closed. He chuckled as he strolled off.
“Wait, you don’t understand.”
He laughed louder and kept going.
The following morning, they came for her. They took her to the captain’s quarters, pushed her through the door and closed it. The captain sat at the table, a plate of food in front of him. He motioned to her to have a seat, then took a bite of her food.
Tiyana licked her lips as she sat across from him and held her hand over her growling belly.
“Who are you?
“Tiyana. I—”
“Just answer my questions.” He took another bite of food and chewed it slowly. “What are you doing on my ship?”
Tiyana relayed her story about how she’d been taken by the Edonists and how she was just trying to get home. “They were waiting for me at the shuttleport, so the only way off the island was to sneak onto a ship.”
The captain took a deep breath and nodded. “I see.”
“Will you help me?” When he didn’t answer, she added. “Please.”
“Christov,” the captain called out. When the man entered he saluted the captain. “Get her something to eat, then find her some appropriate clothing.”
Tiyana thought it was weird how he put emphasis on the word appropriate, but the thought of food made her stomach rumble again. It probably wasn’t important. He seemed to want to help her, otherwise he wouldn’t have cared whether she ate.
She was so hungry she finished off two plates of food, much to Christov’s amusement. Then he handed her some rumpled-up fabric he held in his hand. When she held it out, it was clear it wouldn’t hide much more than the wrappings she already wore.
Christov shrugged. “It’s all we have that is suitable for a woman.”
She doubted that was true, but what other choice did she have. “Is there somewhere I can change?”
He took her to what he referred to as the “head”. The strong smell of urine told her it probably hadn’t been cleaned in months. She changed as quickly as she could, so she could get out of there as fast as she could and resolved herself to only using it once a day.
Tiyana ignored Christov’s leering glances as he led her back to the top deck where the captain waited for them. The rest of the sailors had been gathered.
“You look lovely, my dear,” the captain said then motioned to a couple of men standing near him.
They grabbed her and tied her to a wooden post so that her arms and feet were pulled behind her. The only thing keeping her from sliding down the post were two metal stakes that had been driven into the wood, which rested in her armpits.
“What are you doing? I thought—”
“Shut her up,” the captain ordered.
One of the men shoved a bit of fabric into her mouth, then used another strip of fabric to secure it firmly. She tried speaking, which only made the men laugh.
“You have stowed away on my ship, my dear, which is a great offense. We usually throw stowaways overboard, but it would be a shame to throw away something so beautiful. Especially when there is a profit to be made. There is a thriving slave trade where we’re going. You’ll be sold there, but in the meantime, you will serve me and my men,” he said then turned to his men. “We will get a lot of money for this one, so tonight we celebrate.”
The men cheered. Tiyana tried screaming through the gag, but all she did was exhaust herself. She must have passed out because when she opened her eyes again, the sun was setting. Then men were all on deck drinking and eating.
“She’s awake,” someone called out.
“Bring her to me,” the captain said.
Two of the men untied her and dragged her to the captain. As much as she tried, she couldn’t get her legs to work and her body ached from being tied to the post all day.
The captain pulled her into his lap and rubbed the inside of her thigh while nuzzling her neck.
“Don’t,” Tiyana said, attempting to worm her way out of his grasp.
“A virgin, huh?”
Tiyana didn’t answer.
“Don’t worry, my dear. No one here will touch you. Virgins are worth three times as much. You’re going to make us wealthy men.”
Tiyana whimpered as she fell to the ground when he pushed her off his lap.
“You’re not getting a free ride, however. You see those barrels of ale over there?”
She nodded.
“Keep my men’s mugs full.”
Tiyana struggled to her feet to grab a mug being held up by one of the sailors.
“Hurry, girl.”
Then men drank too fast, which made keeping up with their demands difficult. Occasionally, one of them would throw food to the deck as a “reward”. At first, she refused to eat it, but when she was threatened with punishment, she knew she had no choice. Her tear-filled eyes made it hard to see what she was doing half the time. One of the men slapped her when she spilled a bit of ale on his plate.
Why was this happening to her? First the Edonists, and now this. All because she tried to help a friend.
After the celebration ended, Tiyana was taken back to the brig. The following morning, they put her to work scrubbing the ship. She was forced to work all day without a break. That evening, back in the brig, a meal consisting of stew and bread was brought to her by a boy not much older than she was. She winced when she saw the whip scars on his back.
“Thank you,” she said.
He didn’t answer, he didn’t even look at her. After delivering her meal, he promptly left. The next night it was the same.
“I’m Tiyana. What’s your name?”
Still, no answer. A week passed before he even looked at her, but he still didn’t speak. She started telling him her story during every visit, hoping it might get his attention. Then one night, she gave up. He’d obviously been so badly abused that he wouldn’t do anything these men didn’t want him to do.
That night, she woke to someone whispering her name. It was too dark to see. She waited, but when she didn’t hear anything, she decided she must have been dreaming. She closed her eyes to try and get back to sleep.
“Tiyana, are you awake?”
“Who is that?” she said, sitting up.
“It’s Jace.”
“I’ve been bringing your food.”
“Oh. Oh!”
“I haven’t been trying to ignore you. If they caught me talking to you, I’d be punished.”
Judging from the scars on his back, she knew their punishments were harsh. She understood why he didn’t want to defy them.
“Won’t you get in trouble for being here now?”
“They really don’t pay much attention to me at night. They lock me in one of the storerooms, but I found another way out of there three years ago.”
“How long have you been with them?”
“Since I was about five. They raided my village. They made me watch as they killed my parents. My sisters were sold into slavery with the other girls. I don’t know what they did with the other boys in the village, but I never saw any of them again. The captain decided to keep me as a servant for the men on the ship.”
Tiyana couldn’t imagine being forced into slavery at such a young age. “Jace, is there a way we can get off this ship? If we could get to Dokuka, I’m sure my parents would help you.”
“You want me…No we can’t. They’d catch us.”
“If we don’t leave now, we’ll both be slaves for the rest of our lives. I don’t want to be a slave.” She choked on the last word as the reality of her situation sank in. “Please, Jace.”
Jace was quiet for a moment, then he sighed. “Maybe we can get away on a lifeboat, but not now. It’s too close to dawn. I’ll come for you tonight.”
“Okay, just be careful.” For the first time since they locked her up over a week before, Tiyana had some hope.

Rebel Without a Clue: A #SciFi #Novel by Kerri Noor

Mex is looking forward to a well-earned retirement for saving planet Hy Man from men. Instead she has been sent on a mission that will ruin her career with a robot who rubs her up the wrong way...

Beryl is the leader of planet Hy Man and fighting to remain so. She is the reason that Mex is where she is trying to understand the Scottish accent, the Scottish weather and why everything they eat is covered in batter. Beryl is desperate, the planet’s energy is on its last legs and chapping at her heels to take over is the ruthless Hilda.

A woman with a personality as bad her haircut and will do anything to get her way...

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#FantasyArt Friday | Allison D, Reid

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid:

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Friday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

It is said that deep beneath the ocean waves lies a ship, once made of wood, and rope, and sail…but now only a ghostly vision. It lights the waves before it like fire, leaving dread and darkness in its wake. The rumors say it is cursed; forced to re-trace its doomed voyage for all eternity. Maybe you’ve heard what transgression committed by its captain and crew brought on such a curse. None of the stories seem to agree. Only take care not to go chasing after it, for those who do are doomed to share its fate, sinking down into the inky depths of the sea.

Title and Artist Unknown

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The Council: A #Fantasy #Novel by Kayla Krantz

The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabited—and split apart—by witches with varying powers. Lilith Lace, a witch thought to be born powerless, happily resides in Ignis, the Coven of Fire, until she suddenly develops telekinesis, an ability only seen in some witches born in Mentis, the Coven of the Mind.

When The Council finds out about her odd development, she’s taken under their wing and is finally told the truth—everything she’s learned about the Land of Five, herself included, have been nothing but lies.

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Special Feature - Dustrunner: A #SciFi #Western by Dean F. Wilson | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

Nox is a wanted man.
While searching for a criminal, the fabled Coilhunter wanders into a tribal village massacre. He didn’t do it, but that doesn’t matter. The clues point to him, and he’s made a lot of enemies over the years. Many would happily see the tables turned.
His pleas of innocence fall on deaf ears. No sooner does he try to find the real killers than posters go up across the Wild North—posters with his face and his name. He isn’t the only bounty hunter out there. Dozens assemble to cash him in.
Tasked with finding out who’s framed him, Nox must also survive the constant onslaught of frontier law. He’s used to hunting others. He’s not so used to life on the run.
This is a standalone book in the Coilhunter Chronicles series, which can be read in any order.

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Magic, Swords, and Alternative Worlds #Fantasy #BookGiveaway

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Wordless Wednesday – Harlech Castle | Allison D. Reid

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid:

I really miss going to places like this! For now, I’ll just have to live vicariously through Cathy Ryan of Between the Lines. Click through the link below to enjoy more images of this castle.
Harlech Castle

Reckoning: A #Fantasy #Novel by Guy Estes

She won’t hesitate to take on any demon from any of the seven hells, but none of them are as terrifying as the ones in her own mind.

Baezha Ambrose is a gifted sorceress. Aleena Kurrin, her adoptive sister, is a gifted warrior. Together they have faced countless foes, but now Baezha must face what she fears the most – her past. She’d fled her home town of Oleppo after her world ended in fire and blood and left her crippled with guilt. In the years since, the forces that destroyed her world have taken over Oleppo and grown stronger. Now she must return to Oleppo to sort things out.

The Watchers is a secret society of religious zealots fanatically devoted to the extinction of magic.

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Why We Like Stories by Adam at Write Thoughts | Allison D. Reid

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid:


Storytelling is a lifelong journey, full of unexpected detours; learning subjects that can include psychology, philosophy, history, and various scientific disciplines. We point to specific examples of stories and marvel at how they “do it”. Funny or sad, light-hearted or serious, simple or complex, but they’re all stories, which means on some level they share certain basic attributes. One of those attributes is what they do for the audience. I’d like to propose that all stories represent different ways of satisfying two basic desires: the desire to feel, and the desire to think…
Click the link below to continue reading this thought provoking article on why we like stories…

#YouTubeTuesday - Making It as a Newer Author, #Marketing #YA #Fantasy, and are #Vampires Still “In” with Caroline Peckham | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

Getting started as a new author is difficult. There's so much to learn and it's hard to figure out where to start. Hopefully, this will help! There's also info for marketing if you write young adult fantasy.

The Dragon Throne: A #Fantasy #Novel by Chrys Cymri

‘You have only one part of the Summoning Ring,’ said the dragon to Fianna. ‘And neither the knowledge nor the strength to use it even if it were complete.’

Fianna is the only child of King Stannard and Queen Fiona, and has always expected to become the next Keeper of the Dragon Throne. She exiles herself from the court when her father decides to take a second wife. Recalled to Secondus castle after Stannard’s death, she has to contend with the split loyalties among the royal knights. In desperation, she agrees to summon the dragons to support her claim to the throne. Their challenge sends her to meet them in their Sacred Mountains.

In the woods of the unicorn herd, the Prancer loses his milk-brother to an attack by a dragon. He travels across the human kingdoms to seek the killer, discovering the complexities of human relationships and the delights of ale along the way.

They meet at the Sacred Mountains. And so begins a story of love, friendship — and betrayal.

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#Medieval Monday: Pigeons and Dovecotes | Allison D. Reid

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid:

Doves and pigeons were an important resource in the Middle Ages,  valued primarily for their meat, eggs, and feathers. Falconries used them as quarry, and their guano was a highly sought-after fertilizer. In southern Europe, it was spread on hemp fields and vineyards. In Northern Europe, it was said that pigeon guano was worth ten loads of any other type of fertilizer.
Until the 1600s, strict laws forbid anyone other than the nobility or monasteries from keeping doves and pigeons. Though some castles and manors had built-in nesting boxes, for the most part these birds were housed in freestanding structures called dovecotes. They were round, stone buildings with either a domed or conical-shaped roof. The round shape made it easier for people to collect young doves or pigeons (squabs) from the nesting boxes. Squabs were considered a delicacy.
The inside of the building had a large open space, with ledges or cubicles jutting out from the walls. Pigeons would enter and exit from openings just beneath the roof. The nests could be accessed with a ladder attached to a revolving pole called a potence.
There is some evidence that pigeons were also used for communication, but only after exposure to Middle Eastern practices during the crusades. For the most part Western Europeans had no concept of how birds migrated. (They thought that Swallows hibernated during the winter in the mud beneath ponds.) The use of homing pigeons to communicate over long distances didn’t become common throughout all of Europe until after the medieval era. However, those regions that continued to trade and communicate with the Arab world during and after the crusades began to build networks of homing pigeons. The Republic of Genoa was the most notable of these, and built towers for that purpose along the Mediterranean Sea.
Pigeons were able to deliver messages relatively reliably and quickly over hundreds of miles from their home. By feeding them in one location, and nesting them in another, they could be trained to fly back and forth between two locations. But more often, once they were released and delivered their messages, pigeons had to be transported back and forth by cart. This method of communication was not without its limitations, however. Any message sent by pigeon had to be very short, and the receiver on the other end would have to be literate enough to read it. Such messages could also be intercepted by trained falcons and hawks, or by archers.

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New This Week: Over 6k Words Written #AmWriting | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

I’ve got up to Chapter 10 done in Book 2 in A God’s Deception. Of course, I accidentally skipped Chapter 7 so I suppose the extra chapter doesn’t count. 😉 Still, it feels good to be chugging along on that one. If I keep up with it (which hasn’t been a problem so far since using my new techniques), I’ll have the first draft of Book 2 done by the first week of May.
Shadow Stalker Episodes 21 – 24 are all plotted and outlined and I’m going to start writing this week. If I keep up with my current schedule, Episode 21 may be released as early as June or July. Keeping my fingers crossed!
I’m also excited to announce I’m beginning work on Emergence, my new serial which will begin next year. If you love Shadow Stalker, I’m sure you’ll love learning about their origins and how they got their power.
The short story planning is going well too. I’ll be finishing the planning this week and writing will begin next week. It’s a different story for me, so it’ll be interesting to write. It’s an urban fantasy (sort of) dealing with different dimensions in space and time.
I didn’t finish the flash fiction story from last week, so that’s what I’ll be doing this week. The 12 Short Stories story is finished, but I still have editing to do on that one. So I’ll be doing that over the next couple of days. It’s due on Wednesday, so that will be my first priority. I’ll be posting it here on my blog this Saturday if you’re following that story. It starts here.
These are my goals for this week:
  • Write up to Chapter 13 in AGD
  • Write up to Chapter 4 in Episode 21 of Shadow Stalker
  • Begin planning Emergence Serial (Steps 1 – 4 in my planning process)
  • Finish planning the short story (Steps 11 – 14 in my planning process)
  • Finish writing flash fiction
  • Finish editing 12 Short Stories March story
I’ve got a lot going on, but it’s been exciting getting back on a regular writing schedule again. I’m also excited about the two writing challenges I’m taking part in. This month I’m participating in the ChapterBuzz 10k Challenge. I have to write 10K words by the end of this month, but if you check the badge in the sidebar, you’ll see I’ve already reached the 7K mark. At this rate, I should have finished the challenge by the end of this week.
Next month I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve set my goal for the month at 25k words. So wish me luck on that. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. (If you’re an author and participating in Camp NaNo this year, I’ve got some spaces in my cabin. If your interested leave me a link to your Camp NaNo profile below).

Destiny of Kings: A #Fantasy #Novel by Fiona Tarr

A boy’s destiny hangs in the balance…

"I love everything about this book!." Loried

"Loved this book... the story of King David as I had never realized.. definitely recommend this one!" Donna Ward

The King is going slowly mad, bewitched by the dark magic and seductive powers of the Egyptian Princess. As war breaks out, his trusted General seeks to raise an army and will find a young shepherd boy, bound for greatness.

General Martinez grows tired of the fighting and craves retirement until he meets the Priestess and the strange little Holy man who share a prophecy that cannot be ignored.

The General must now choose between the life of a young boy and his life long friend and King. Death is inevitable and when it comes, pain will follow…..

Behind the scenes:
A controversial twist on the Old Testament story of King David. Where dark magic, prophecy and religious turmoil reign.

Start your journey today with book 1 free!

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Sons of Taldra: A #SciFi #Adventure #Novel by Duane Simolke | Renee's Author Spotlight

Originally posted on Renee's Author Spotlight:

Duane Simolke received StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts Awards for his books The Acorn Stories, Degranon, and Holding Me Together. He also wrote New Readings of Winesburg, Ohio and served as editor/co-author of The Acorn Gathering: Writers Uniting Against Cancer. His writing appeared in nightFire, Mesquite, Caprock Sun, Midwest Poetry Review, International Journal on World Peace, and many other publications. DuaneSimolke.Com includes some of his work, as well as a variety of resources. He lives in Lubbock, Texas.

Connect with the Author

About the Book

In an alternate reality, an Iroquois scientist and her twin gay sons battle shapeshifting aliens. Telius wants to marry the man he loves. Argen struggles with the residual effects of a deadly drug addiction. Both twins help their mother face Valchondria’s greatest threats.

Taldra accepted the title of Leader for Valchondria’s one-world government. Maintainer Admiral Nil blames her for a series of tragedies and might be as dangerous as the changelings that want to feed on humanity.

“The most intriguing aspect of the story is controlled by emotion as relatable characters grow and brave it all together, selflessly helping each other.” -Enas Reviews

Native American storytelling inspired this stand-alone sequel to Degranon: A Science Fiction AdventureDegranon and Sons of Taldra are also available together as the eBook Taldra: Science Fiction Adventures.

Get it today on Amazon!

Keep reading for an excerpt:

They held him until the shaking stopped and he grew quiet.

“Come back to us,” Taldra said, stroking his sweating face. “Come back to us.” She helped him into the chair and poured him a cup of water from a nearby pitcher. “I’ll never forgive the Degrans for getting you addicted to their pills. Please, fight the effects. Come back to us.”

“I’m trying,” he whispered, as the ability to speak returned to him. “The confidence pills made me so fragile, so….”

Taldra wiped the drool from his face and held back the tears that might upset him more. He couldn’t help how his seizures made her worry, and she wouldn’t burden him with any guilt over her maternal fears.

Argen coughed and tried to speak again. “So stupid.”

“You’re not stupid,” Telius and Taldra both said, as usual.

Telius added, “And you’re hardly fragile. I know I couldn’t handle those seizures, or having to take those oversized antidote pills.”

“We’ll take care of each other.” Taldra hugged them. “I won’t let the Degrans, or anyone else, hurt my boys or my world again.”

Flash Fiction Friday: The Waking Dream #FridayReads | Renee Scattergood

Originally Posted by Renee Scattergood:

When Gora opened the next door, she wished she had never opened her closet door, to begin with. It seemed that it had been days since she heard the noise that caused her to wander into this endless maze. Instead of her clothes, she found a beautiful garden. She thought she was dreaming, so she went with it. After all, it was starting out to be an amazing dream

But on the other side of the garden, the only thing waiting for her was another door. That same scratching came from the other side, so she opened it. It was dark, so she thought it might be her bedroom and stepped inside.

The moment she crossed the threshold, the doorway behind her disappeared and she found herself in a long dark corridor with no doors. The light at the far end of the corridor gave her hope.

Hours seemed to pass, and the light never got any larger or brighter. She collapsed against the wall. This was pointless.

Scratch. Scratch.

There it was again. When she gazed down the corridor, a door appeared where the light had been. She closed her eyes, whispering a prayer.

Nothing…there was nothing. She turned to head back the way she had come, but somehow, she had been enveloped by the nothingness. The door was gone.

It felt as though days passed while she floated in limbo, drifting in and out of sleep.

The scratching woke her. She opened her eyes, but something was different this time. She was lying on a hard floor, and there was a faint light coming from under the…door.

She sat up quickly and her head hit something soft. She reached up. Cloth. It was clothing. Was she?

She opened the door and looked around. It was her bedroom. She must have had some dream if she sleepwalked to her closet. She stood, shaking off the grogginess and ambled over to her bed, then gasped.

Her bed was already occupied. By her.

Forgotten: A #Paranormal #Crime #Novel by Kari Holloway

The supernatural walk among us, and nowhere is that truer than in New Orleans.

The happiest days have turned to disasters. Wedding parties have been attacked, and brides and grooms have even been killed. When the local police can't solve it, help comes from the only place equipped to handle rogue supes--The Supernatural Council's special forces, the Guardians.

Alex and her theriomorphic crew must get to the bottom of what is actively hunting in New Orleans before someone else dies and the balance of acceptance turns to violence. Political red tape and impossible magic tie the team's hands, but where there are desires, there is hope.

Can the mystery be solved in time or will the hands of fate repeat itself?

The first in the Devil's Playground series, Kari Holloway weaves a tale involving kitsune, werewolves, fae and more, leaving you spellbound for more. Taking the unusual route, journey beyond just vampire and werewolf as we meet seers, nymphs, and the things that go bump in the night.

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2017 Industry Trends: Obstacles and Opportunities | Joshua Robertson

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Please enjoy my latest recap video for the Independent Book Publishing Association. We get leading tips from movers and thinkers in the publishing industry.

Joshua Robertson is an award-winning author in epic, dark fantasy. You may recognize him as the dude whose dragons were said to destroy George R.R. Martin's and Christopher Paolini's dragons in a very biased Twitter poll. His first novel, Melkorka, was released in 2015, and he has been writing fantasy fiction like clockwork ever since. Known most for his Thrice Nine Legends Saga, Robertson enjoys an ever-expanding and extremely loyal following of readers. He currently lives in North Carolina with his better half and his horde of goblins. Learn more at or connect with him on Twitter or Instagram @RobertsonWrites.

Special Feature: Legacy - A #Fantasy#Novel by Jesikah Sundin | Renee Scattergood

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A sensible young nobleman and his sister live in an experimental medieval village. Sealed inside this biodome since infancy, Leaf and Willow have been groomed by The Code to build a sustainable world, one devoid of Outsider interference. One that believes death will give way to life.
All is ideal until their father bequeaths a family secret with his dying breath, placing an invisible crown of power on Leaf’s head. Now everyone in their quiet town is suspect. Risking banishment, the siblings search for clues, leading them to Fillion Nichols, an Outsider with a shocking connection to their family. Their encounter launches Fillion into battle with his turbulent past as he rushes to decode the many secrets that bind their future together–a necessity if they are all to survive.
Cultures clash in an unforgettable quest for truth, unfolding a story rich in mystery, betrayal, and love.
Are you ready to discover what is real?
***Price reduced from $2.99 to $0.99 for a limited time***
“A captivating YA hybrid of sci-fi and medieval fantasy, mystery, and romance, Legacy opens The Biodome Chronicles series with divergent worlds on a carefully planned collision course.” — Chanticleer Book Reviews
“…This book was beautifully written. It was detailed, immersive, and had a subtlety that I cannot help but be impressed by.” — Kookie Krysp Reviews
“This is a fantastic launch to what promises to be a vivid and engaging series.” — Pure Jonel Book Reviews

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