Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Dark Desires: A #YA #Fantasy Novel by Ronel Janse van Vuuren

Iron and fae aren’t friends. But Tasha has no choice but to be in the human realm: her very life is at stake.

High School isn’t much safer than Faerie, though. Clicks, falling in love and navigating day-to-day activities are dangerous enough without the added dread of being unmasked as being otherworldly.

But when something happens and everyone reveals their true selves, Tasha has a choice to make: will she save them from the curse upon them and reveal her true nature, or will she let them die and stay safe?

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About the Author

Award-winning author Ronel Janse van Vuuren mainly writes for teens and tweens, though she is known to write mythology-filled short stories for anthologies aimed at older readers. Her dark fantasy works, usually full of folklore, can be viewed on her website and on Goodreads.

Ronel can be found tweeting about writing and other things that interest her, arguing with her characters, researching folklore for her newest story or playing with her Rottweilers when she’s not actually writing.

All of her books are available for purchase from major online retailers.

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Different Folklore Creatures in Dark Desires

The world of “Dark Desires” is filled with dangerous creatures – and not just the teenagers! Goblins, dwarves, ly ergs, pixies, sprites, leannan sìth, Dark Court fae, and even a Gancanagh show up in the bright light of day.

Because Tasha, the main character, is from the Unseelie Realm.

Though Faerie is the home of all fae, they do live in the mortal realm, too. Some, like pixies and sprites, team up with other fae for protection. The leannan sìth – the dark muse – usually works alone, seducing artists and stealing their life-force.

Tasha is from the Dark Court, the ruling class of the Unseelie Realm. She looks human, but in a supermodel way – like all from the Courts do. She also has more power than the other fae mentioned, but she has no wish to use it in the way her Court needs and wants her to. Which is why she is hunted by the worst of their kind and hiding in the mortal realm.

Goblins are the mercenaries of Faerie. Dwarves are the artists. Ly ergs feed off battle – their hands red with the blood of their enemies. Pixies guard thorn trees and love riddles. Sprites have magic known only to them. Leannan sìth drains the blood of lesser fae and keeps it in a cauldron, the source of her power. Dark Court fae terrorise all other fae. Gancanagh are addictive to humans…

There’s much more to know about Faerie and the fae that dwells there and in the mortal realm. Stop by my blog to learn more.

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